Workshops and Speaking

Have a marketing or sales event coming up? A team meeting? RevEngine Marketing can help get your audience excited about the latest marketing strategies and best practices.

Continue reading below for a full description of the various workshops and speaking engagements that we can bring to your organization.

Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Feel free to mix and match topics but here are some of the subjects we cover.

Speaking Engagements

RevEngine Marketing’s Jeff Coveney has engaged audiences on a variety of digital marketing topics.

Investment Level: Varies (See investment details)
• Get Your Leads out of the Graveyard
• How to Build a Revenue Engine
• Top KPIs to Drive Your Business
• Smart Strategies to Align Sales and Marketing
• Ten Steps to Develop a Rock Star Nurture Journey

Engaging Workshops

With our workshops and trainings, we can help with everything from half hour targeted sessions to day long workshops. Most clients find it most effective to mix and match several within a day.

Investment level: Ranging from $2K to $10K+ (See investment details)
• Best Practices: Tips to Align Sales and Marketing
• The Importance of Digital Marketing Today (Designed to get your executive team on board)
• No Lead Left Behind – How to Develop a Measurable Lead Lifecycle
• Digital Marketing Best Practices
• Top Tips for Lead Nurturing
• Contacts and Leads: Which Model Works Best?
• What’s an MQL? Tips to Standardize Lead Lifecycle Language
• Best Practices for Keeping Your Data Clean
• Prioritize Your Leads with Lead Scoring

Marketo-Focused Trainings

Our 1-on-1 and small group hands-on sessions focus on making the most out of your Marketo platform. Most clients find it most effective to mix and match several within a day.

Investment level: Half day to multiple day sessions ranging from $1,500+ to $5K+ (See investment details) Some training is available remotely.
• Marketo 101
• Build the Foundation: The Program Structure
• The Power of Sync: When and How to Sync Marketo and Salesforce
• Email Creation Basics: Tricks to Successful Smail
• Setting up Reports for Success
• Ten Steps to Sales Insight (Perfect for Sales teams)
• Lead Scoring Rollout
• The Nurture Engagement Engine
• Ten Steps to Lead Source Management
• Segmentation Tips and Tricks
• More

How much does it cost?

The investment level all depends on a variety of factors. We’d have to discuss your specific situation before giving you an exact number. Factors usually include:
Prep/Research/Follow-Up. This point is usually the big variable. The research allows us to personalize the content for your organization or audience. The follow up ranges from follow-up questions to an assessment report that you can use as a blueprint.
The Value of the Topic Covered. A workshop on how to double your MQLs for the executive team has more value than a training for an intern on how to create HTML emails.
The Location. Hopping on a plane to the UK is different than driving 30 minutes. Our headquarters are in Boston, MA, but we do have experts across the country.
The Size. How many people are getting actionable advice that will make a difference?

Travel and expenses are additional. Investment range will vary but plan on $2K to $10K+.

Workshops & Speaking November 15, 2015
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