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21st Apr
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Marketo Summit Parties 2016

When trying to navigate around the Marketo Summit 2016 for the best parties, should you walk, taxi, Uber? Check out the map below.

  • Taxis. Taxis are plentiful at the hotel entrances but so aren’t the people. At busy times, there often can be a short wait for a taxi.
  • Walking. Keep in mind that when you walk with a group through casinos, you can get sucked into slot machines and other distractions. Many of the Marketo Summit parties are on the MGM grounds but the property is big. Translation: Walking sometimes takes longer than you expect.
  • Uber and Lyft. These services are new to Vegas over the past year but are fully operational. Save $10 on your first Uber ride.

Want to Register for the Parties? Signup on the Unofficial Ultimate Guide to the Marketo Summit.

Date Time What Location Link Suggested Transportation Method*
Mon, 5/9 5-7 pm Welcome Reception Expo Hall @MGM NA* Walk
Mon, 5/9 7 pm Party with Mambo Pearl @MGM Register Walk
Tue, 5/10 5:30-7 pm Marketo Happy Hour Expo Hall @MGM NA* Walk
Tue, 5/10 Night Summer Anthem Wet Republic @ MGM Register Walk
Tue, 5/10 9pm-1 am Champagne Splash Lily Bar & Lounge, Bellagio (1.5 miles from MGM) Register Uber
Wed, 5/11 7-9 pm Get Chilled Party minus5 at Mandalay Bay Shoppes (less than a mile from MGM). Cosponsored by RevEngine Marketing Register

Currently Waitlisted

A healthy walk (18 min) or Uber
Wed, 5/11 9pm-12 am Marketing Nation Party Hakkasan at the MGM NA* Walk

* Conference pass required

Looking for more information on the parties, check out the party section of the Unofficial Ultimate Guide to the Marketo Summit.

Guide to Marketo Summit 2016


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