Stocking Stuffer Marketo Tip #4 – Backfill Intelligence and Data

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20th Dec
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22nd Dec
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The calendar can’t be put on hold when midnight on New Year’s rolls around.

If your data isn’t right, use the end of the year to put together the data puzzle so the new year’s reporting is cleaner. We have several active projects where we are cleaning up data in the current calendar year so legacy membership will show up in December, not the new year.

It’s holiday time and we are releasing a bite-sized, stocking-stuffer Marketo tip each day this week to make you a little more productive. Today, we look at three intelligence updating campaigns.

The Approach for Backfilling Intelligence

We recommend putting a strategy in place to build your intelligence system–most of which ties into your reporting needs. However, you might find a few quick hits in this article.

Prioritize any activities where dates and membership are important. For example, if you want to run reports on events in the current year, make sure to backfill that membership prior to January 1.

1) Assign a Marketo Acquisition Program if One Doesn’t Exist

The Marketo acquisition program provides insights into which activity acquired a lead. Many times, this data is blank because there is legacy data in the system or because programs are not setup in an ideal way.

Use this time to populate that acquisition program intelligence.

How? Run a Smartlist in Marketo of records without an acquisition program and decide how/if you want to backfill. Then develop some logic to begin backfilling acquisition credit.

Smartlist example: How to identify records without an acquisition program.

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2) Associate Misc Members with Programs

We all have seen examples where leads are put into the system improperly–especially if Sales is importing leads into Salesforce. Or maybe you have been waiting around to move a sponsored list of names to a program for proper tracking.

Leverage the last few weeks of the year to adjust Marketo program membership accordingly. As a double win, connect that program to the equivalent Salesforce campaign so the membership date is consistent between both systems in the current year.

How? Create your programs (if you haven’t already) and then associate members to that program with the appropriate status. Doing so before the year’s end will associate membership in the current year.

Marketo program

Example of Marketo webinar program: If you have members sitting in an “Invited” status but the webinar occurred last month, it’s time to move those members to “No Show” or “Attended” status.

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3) Adjust Lifecycle Stages if Needed

If your lifecycle needs some adjusting, consider adjusting your inventory so your future year is fresh. Keep in mind that lifecycle management is one of the most complex business processes so proceed with caution.

For example, if you have a bunch of legacy MQLs that should actually be in a Nurturing or other stage, move them now. I’ve seen clients carry hundreds of MQLs in their reports for months because no one cleaned them out.

Let’s say you made the mistake of importing in 1,000 trade show leads as MQLs. That’s inventory you’ll probably want to adjust. If Sales isn’t going to followup with them because the leads aren’t actually MQLs, move em now and let Sales start fresh in the new year.

How? Go run an inventory report of your current lead stages. Then adjust the records to the proper stages.

One of the many ways to identify lifecycle stages is to run a Leads by Status report.

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The Drive-Thru Approach to Accelerating MQLs Through the Funnel


The above is only a sample of year-end data cleanup programs. Feel free to comment to let us know what special things you do to get your data in order.

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