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19th Sep

5 Steps to Effective Selling With Referrals

Current Articles |   RSS Feed 5 Steps to Effective Selling With Referrals Gaining B2B prospects via LinkedIn referrals is the best way to succeed in 2014. Hands down. Don’t waste time on cold calls with a 1-3% appointment success rate (AAISP, 2012).  Think investing in email blasts is [...]
11th Sep

Marketo is Playing–Miss PPC meet Mr. Marketing Automation

With the announcement of Marketo’s Google Adwords integration, it’s about time these two solutions came […]
3rd Sep

Lead Nurturing: 8 Ways To Get Your Leads to Say I Do

How To Get Your Leads to Say "I Do" January 14, 2013 7 comments leadssalesandmarketing 50% of leads are qualified but not ready to purchase. Not ready to purchase means they need nurturing. Learn how to nurture your leads so you can increase sales: When you meet someone for [...]
16th Aug

Marketo: What’s Coming August

Here’s a snapshot of what @Marketo has cooking for its August 2013 scheduled for 8/23/2013. […]
5th Aug

Content Marketing and Kevin Bacon?

By now, most brands understand the importance of content. In fact, HubSpot found that companies that blog get 97% more inbound links and 55% more web visitors than those that don’t. Still, creating content on a regular schedule poses some challenges. In an AMA webinar  I hosted with Rick [...]
29th Jul

2013 Marketing Automation Continues to Mature

2013 Marketing Automation: Best Practices for the Management of B2B Digital Marketing Campaigns How are the savviest b2b marketers using marketing automation to improve sales? This new research suggests that marketing automation optimizes 3 key benefits: conversion rates, click-through, and web traffic—yielding exceptional sales performance. The 2013 Marketing Automation: [...]
27th Jul

Marketing Research Chart: What are your peers’ top email marketing goals?

by Daniel Burstein , Director of Editorial Content As we search for brand-side marketers to speak at MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2014 in Las Vegas , one of the top questions on our mind is — what are marketers trying to achieve with their email marketing? To answer that question, [...]


Josh Verrill

Services: Strategy, Assessment, Ongoing Services

“RevEngine Marketing has helped Dyn reach amazing results. Within 60 days, REM helped Dyn establish repeatable best practices to improve marketing efficiencies over 50%. That enabled our business owners to focus on the business, not on our system.
With REM as our long term partner, we’ve seen marketing’s contribution revenue double over the past year. REM has helped us achieve success with everything from managing the lead lifecycle to gaining visibility into marketing effectiveness.”


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Clavis Insights

Helped find the gaps in Solix marketing process to put on path for 5X improvement.


Created efficiencies reducing webinar setup time and other programs by 50%+.

Reduced reporting time on key video watching program by 10x. Insights now take minutes as opposed to hours.

Clavis Insights

Established best practice program and landing page strategy to streamline ongoing marketing as much as 50%.

Provided vision into marketing influence by creating multi touch attribution model to measure the impact of various touch points.


1. Created marketing efficiencies reducing day-to-day workload for select campaigns by 30%+.

2. Identified approx $1 million+ in bad/old data to cutting Marketo license costs, improving personalization and boosting marketing results.

3.Streamlined Marketo performance 30%+ with in-depth performance audit to disable old campaigns, eliminate unnecessary fields and optimize CRM sync.

4. Improved nurture journey reducing staffing 1/4 resource (or $25K) the time of sending manually.


Created efficiencies reducing webinar setup time and other programs by 50%+.

Reduced reporting time on key video watching program by 10x. Insights now take minutes as opposed to hours.


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Boost engagement by 167% including a 12X single day improvement leveraging a Triple Touch Methodology.


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Coming soon…


Develop a Second Chance nurture strategy to boost engagement 2X for previously unconsumed content.


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