Tip #7 – Put Down the Pepto: Reduce Marketing Automation Stress

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10th Dec
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15th Dec
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It’s 7:23 am. Do you know if all of your hot webinar leads have moved over to Sales? Are leads getting lost in the system? If your organization is taking a proactive approach to solving marketing operations issues, it’s time to put that stress ball down.

We have released ten marketing automation tips to make you a little more productive. Like presents, some are small, some are big–but enjoy them all.

This tip comes courtesy of Anna Bruning  (@annawbruning) who heads up marketing operations at one of our clients Dyn.

Today’s Tip  – Reduce Marketing Automation Stress with Catchall ListsMarketingAutomationStressDollarphotoclub_73444359_200

Simply put, Dyn makes the websites of companies run better. Dyn is growing like wild fire and is quickly developing lots of new processes. Due to the fast paced environment, there are always marketing automation challenges to address.

Step in Anna, marketing operations guru. Rather than sit back and react to issues that arise, she developed a series of lists that she checks regularly.

These “catchall” lists help Anna take a proactive approach and find most issues before anyone else. Basically, if anyone shows up on a list, the operations team dives into the lead’s details to troubleshoot. Some are checked daily, others are checked weekly or as needed.

End Result: Dyn has a system that runs reliably and efficiently.


Some of Anna’s Favorites:

If using Marketo, create a folder in the Lead Database called something like Catchall Lists. Now create and organize lists like below in that folder.

  1. Leads Created Today – No Lead Source. Every lead should have a Lead Source. If someone is created without one, it’s time to dig deeper.
  2. Salesforce Non Synced Leads – Last 7 Days. If  someone is on this list, the main Salesforce sync campaign failed somewhere. Usually the cause is a bad county name or incomplete data.
  3. Leads Created Today – This is a great overall list to see how today’s leads look in the system. It’s the first list to look at when potential issues are flagged.
  4. Stuck Leads – This list helps find lifecycle model issues to ensure leads don’t get stuck in the system. For example, maybe a SQL doesn’t have a proper SQL date or maybe a pre-MQL didn’t pass properly to Sales.
  5. Dirty Word List – Before hitting delete, this list helps keep the valid leads like “Kevin Bass,” and “Jim Prickly” in the system.

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Josh Verrill

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Clavis Insights

Established best practice program and landing page strategy to streamline ongoing marketing as much as 50%.

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1. Created marketing efficiencies reducing day-to-day workload for select campaigns by 30%+.

2. Identified approx $1 million+ in bad/old data to cutting Marketo license costs, improving personalization and boosting marketing results.

3.Streamlined Marketo performance 30%+ with in-depth performance audit to disable old campaigns, eliminate unnecessary fields and optimize CRM sync.

4. Improved nurture journey reducing staffing 1/4 resource (or $25K) the time of sending manually.


Created efficiencies reducing webinar setup time and other programs by 50%+.

Reduced reporting time on key video watching program by 10x. Insights now take minutes as opposed to hours.


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Boost engagement by 167% including a 12X single day improvement leveraging a Triple Touch Methodology.


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Develop a Second Chance nurture strategy to boost engagement 2X for previously unconsumed content.


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