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Today, we go retro and look back at some of the top tips from the past year.

Thanks to our loyal readers, RevEngine Insider has hit its first birthday: we’ve been up and running for one year! Over the past 52 weeks, we have published 45 blog posts with contributions from 60+ industry experts! It’s hard to believe this much time has already passed, and we have much more content that we look forward to sharing with you.

Today’s post is going to outline some of our major blog post types over the past year as well as bring back some of our favorites. Feel free to comment on any of your favorites as well!

And let us know what we missed as we’d love to cover that in the next year.

Video Interview Series

Close up portrait of microphone, which is visible on the foreground and hold by woman tv reporter with Caucasian appearance, who proposes someone to give her the interview and the figure of whom is slightly blurred, isolated on a grey background

This series was done kind of as a spur of the moment thing when I attended the Marketo Summit last year. The goal was to provide viewers with some really cool insights on how different marketers approach their jobs in a lighthearted way. I’m a big fan of video marketing but it takes a lot of effort.

Below is the list of interview posts:

Want to get interviewed in 2016? Send me a note as we are currently booking interviews for the May 2016 Marketo Summit in Las Vegas.

Video marketing Video Marketing 101 Vidyard’s Ian Hutchinson
Video Interviewon Marketing Operations with Anna Bruning The Evolution of Marketing Operations Dyn’s Anna Bruning
Liz Corter Interview How to Build a Successful Community Marketo’s Liz Courter
Ujjainwalla Mobile Responsive Landing Pages Are Your Landing Pages Built for Mobile? Knak’s Pierce Ujjainwalla
VID_GregHigginsInterview Supercharge Your Brand with Experiential Events Splash’s Greg Higgins
Jon Miller Account-based Marketing Fishing with a Spear – The Emergence of Account-Based Marketing Engagio’s Jon Miller
VID_GauglerInterview Direct Mail Meets the Power of Marketing Automation PFL’s Daniel Gaugler

Top Contributors

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We love guest posts. There’s nothing better than having other marketers share their thoughts and ideas on various marketing automation topics. Recycling good content is always a win and we hope our readers can benefit from it as well. Here’s a list of our guest posts:

Interested in contributing? Read here.

Mega Blog Posts

RevEngine Engine Insider Digital marketing

REI comes out with a mega blog post about once every quarter. These posts take the most work but are some of our biggest hits. We go way outside the box here and reach out to big industry marketers or websites to gain their insights on broader topics. Here are the ones we’ve done so far:

RevEngine Insider Favorites

This list could not possibly include all of our favorites, so we only included a few. This list pretty much starts at the launch of RevEngine Insider and goes all the way until our most recent posts. We hope you enjoy going all the way back to when it all started!

Thank You

It’s been an exciting first year for REI and we would like to thank our readers and those who contribute. We couldn’t do it without you. We look forward to many more years of sharing more marketing automation posts and having even more guests share their ideas too.

Let us know what you’d like to hear about. Submit your request.


Josh Verrill

Services: Strategy, Assessment, Ongoing Services

“RevEngine Marketing has helped Dyn reach amazing results. Within 60 days, REM helped Dyn establish repeatable best practices to improve marketing efficiencies over 50%. That enabled our business owners to focus on the business, not on our system.
With REM as our long term partner, we’ve seen marketing’s contribution revenue double over the past year. REM has helped us achieve success with everything from managing the lead lifecycle to gaining visibility into marketing effectiveness.”


Coming soon…

Clavis Insights

Helped find the gaps in Solix marketing process to put on path for 5X improvement.


Created efficiencies reducing webinar setup time and other programs by 50%+.

Reduced reporting time on key video watching program by 10x. Insights now take minutes as opposed to hours.

Clavis Insights

Established best practice program and landing page strategy to streamline ongoing marketing as much as 50%.

Provided vision into marketing influence by creating multi touch attribution model to measure the impact of various touch points.


1. Created marketing efficiencies reducing day-to-day workload for select campaigns by 30%+.

2. Identified approx $1 million+ in bad/old data to cutting Marketo license costs, improving personalization and boosting marketing results.

3.Streamlined Marketo performance 30%+ with in-depth performance audit to disable old campaigns, eliminate unnecessary fields and optimize CRM sync.

4. Improved nurture journey reducing staffing 1/4 resource (or $25K) the time of sending manually.


Created efficiencies reducing webinar setup time and other programs by 50%+.

Reduced reporting time on key video watching program by 10x. Insights now take minutes as opposed to hours.


Coming soon…


Boost engagement by 167% including a 12X single day improvement leveraging a Triple Touch Methodology.


Coming soon…


Coming soon…


Develop a Second Chance nurture strategy to boost engagement 2X for previously unconsumed content.


Coming soon…