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According to Internet Retailer, “60% of mobile consumers use their mobile device as a primary or exclusive internet source.” Google recently reported that “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.” Google is also beginning to give more SEO weight to sites with mobile-enhanced websites (See below Infographic).

Even with the above proof points, many companies are not yet building their complete websites for mobile devices–specifically landing pages that are designed to drive conversions. Sure, companies are leveraging web platforms like WordPress to auto convert the site to mobile, but landing pages bring on other challenges.

Landing Pages are Just a Little Different

Landing page example from Unbouce.

Landing page example from Unbounce.

Landing pages are web pages that are used to funnel anonymous visitors into known leads by offering some kind of content (white paper, trial, course, etc)–they tend to be a little trickier to setup than standard web pages.

Why? Landing pages generally take on a different design than the main site because the goal is to convert on the call-to-action. Landing pages also have forms that collect data, which can complicate the design of the overall page.

Looking at the above landing page example from Unbounce, you’ll notice that the page has no navigation that brings you off of the page (the goal is to keep you on the page to convert). It also has a form to collect information on anyone who wishes to start the online course. In many cases, a landing page like this is different enough to warrant bringing  in a developer to help make it mobile friendly.

Today, we look at one of several solutions that marketers can leverage to build responsive landing pages with no coding required.

Q&A Highlights with Pierce Ujjainwalla of Knak

Watch the Interview


This week, we interview Pierce Ujjainwalla from Knak who talks about the challenges companies face with mobile landing page design. Pierce also discusses how Knak’s new template solution takes the burden off of developers. Emails are available today, landing pages will be available late May 2015.

  • New Responsive Template Solution. Revenue Pulse recently came out with a new product. Pierce tells us, “We actually just launched it today. It’s called “Knak,” and it’s responsive Marketo templates made simple…no coding required.
  • No Coding Required. Pierce says, “I can’t write a single line of code to save my life, and I can make a template with Knak.” Marketers can now make templates without coding.
  • The Challenge of Converting Existing Templates to the Mobile Environment. “It’s a huge problem. With Revenue Pulse, we do a lot of consulting with some huge companies and lots of start-ups too, and it’s the single biggest problem we’re seeing. And it’s such an important piece. That’s actually the piece that your customer is going to see.”
  • How Does it Work? “Go and pick whether you want an email or a landing page. If you pick email, you’ll be presented with a bunch of options and you pick your layout, then you add your logo, pick the font, colors, and it’s done.”
  • How to try Knak. “All you have to do is go to “” and marketers can try it out for free. They can actually build their first template for free. No coding required.”
  • Developed by Marketo Pro for Marketo. Pierce continues to tell us about his company, “We’re focused exclusively on Marketo. Marketo marketers are some of the best marketers in the world. We specifically picked Marketo to start with.”
  • Pricing Model. Pierce tells us, “So, the old way you had to work with an agency and it would cost thousands of dollars and it would be a lot of back and forth. With Knak, a marketer can do it all on their own. And it’s only $99 a month, for as many templates as they want.”
  • On Making the Marketers Successful. He also adds, “We’re really empowering the marketer to do it themselves. As many templates as you want to build, go crazy and you can do as many as you want.”

Other Responsive Landing Page Considerations


Marketing automation vendors like Marketo have their own built in landing page design tools. Marketo recently released a revised designer with responsive capabilities in May 2015. The capacities are brand new so they are worth checking out.


Landing Page Vendors

Knak is designed for Marketo but it isn’t the only game in town. We won’t go into the pros/cons of the vendors but here are a few other responsive landing page solutions.

Infographic – The Importance of Mobile Design

Wrapping up this article, check out the latest infographic on Google’s search evolution. Mobile has come a long way.

[Infographic] Go Mobile and Responsive...Or Go Home!

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