RevEngine Marketing leverages the 4As of Inbound Marketing to fuel revenue creation efforts.

The Assessment part of the As is generally the first place organizations start. Auditing current marketing and sales processes is essential for finding gaps where improvement is needed and for setting benchmarks to measure against future progress.
The goal is to develop strategies and tactics for greater demand generation and lead management effectiveness.

RevEngine Marketing can help your organization get started. During the engagement, RevEngine Marketing will work closely with key stakeholders to gain insight into the current systems and the processes Sales and Marketing currently deploy.

Revenue Engine Assessment Report

After RevEngine Marketing works with key stakeholders within your organization, you will received an in-depth report along with a presentation of findings with actionable items. The report will benchmark current processes and provide insight on how to improve in several areas including:


  • Benchmarks for future measurement
  • Current metrics used
  • Desired methods
  • Technologies

Improvement Suggestions

The report will also include recommendations on improvements.

  1. Process enhancements needed to enhance sales and marketing alignment
  2. Technology needed to support recommendations
  3. Steps to optimize automation of lead management
  4. Key metrics and measurements for tracking success
  5. Recommended resources for executing on plan


Top Expertise. We know Marketo. With one of the world’s top 25 power users, RevEngine Marketing can make your automation goals a reality. For other solutions such as Eloqua and Pardot, we work with trusted partners to deliver superior results.

Best Practice 4A Methodology. Assess. Align, Automate. Analyze. Simple in theory, difficult to execute. We know how to translate strategy into tangible results.

We’ve Lived in Your Shoes. We’ve been making automation work since 2008 on the client side. We’ve experienced the sales and marketing battles—and successes. We know how to translate that experience to our clients. Our proven track record resulted in Marketo nominating our founder’s prior company for a 2013 Marketo Exceptional Product Usage nomination.

Passion. We love what we do. If our clients aren’t happy, we’re not happy.

Assess June 18, 2013
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